I enjoy sharing archery with folks. These are some pics through the years from a Parent/Child archery camp that I’ve run out at Louise Omoto Kessel’s Clapping Hands Farm. Here I teach the basics of good form, ethics and safety using all of my own tackle. This gives my students the unique opportunity to shoot the kind of archery tackle that is rare to experience these days. We spend time shooting balloons and pie plates at the straw bales -then tramp out to the forest and field, taking aim at fun cardboard targets I create.

My very close friend, Paul Ford, has helped assist me teaching many times. Paul is not only a world class celloist and bassist, but an excellent archer. I’ve also had the pleasure of having Jan Burger, Danica Lee, & Jimmy Magoo assist me. All of which are no slouches with a stick and string! Enjoy these pics.

For anyone that has any interest in signing up for an Archery Camp in the future, please contact me. I will be creating a page on this site that will inform about any Archery Camps that I will offer in the piedmont area.